2 Player Imposter Soccer

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2 Player Imposter Soccer

2 Player Imposter Soccer combines the competitive gameplay of soccer with the thrilling mystery of trying to uncover the imposter among your team. In this game, you can play against real players or challenge your friends in 2 player mode. But be careful, because one of the players on each team is actually an impostor! To win, you need to score as many goals as possible while also trying to figure out who the imposter is on your team.

With the simple yet eye-catching, cute character designs and addictive gameplay, 2 Player Imposter Soccer is always a fun and exciting game which is sure to provide hours of your entertainment.

How To Play

How to play:

  • Use the arrow key to move your character and the space bar to kick the ball.
  • Use special powerpups, speed boost or shield to gain an advantage.

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