Basketball Stars

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Basketball Stars

Basketball Stars is a top-notch basketball game that allows you to play the role of famous characters competing with many opponents from different countries. This is the most popular sports game on sports game sites. There will be 3 modes for you to choose from: 1-player mode, 2-player mode, and quick match mode. You can choose one of three modes to compete with other opponents. Either way, your main goal in this game is to get more points than your opponent before time runs out. In addition, you can invite your friends to compete in this exciting basketball game. Try to steal the ball from your opponent's hand and aim accurately to make a successful shot into the opponent's basket. Your opponent also tries to get the ball in your hand, so don't let your opponent take the ball from you. Try to use your excellent basketball skills to win competitions. Join now and be a winner. Good luck!

How To Play

Player 1:
Use the arrow keys to move.
Press the L/X key to Shoot/Steal
Press the K/Z key to Supershot
Press the down arrow key to Pump/Block
Player 2:
Use WASD keys to move.
Press the L/B key to Shoot/Steal
Press the K/V key to Supershot
Press the S key to Pump/Block