7th Inning Smash

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7th Inning Smash

7th Inning Smash is an exciting street baseball game that takes you to the next level. Take the bat in your hand and get ready to show off your batting skills.

You will participate in a street baseball game as a batter. One of your friends will stand a certain distance away from you and throw the balls towards you. Your goal is to catch all the balls thrown by your opponent. Try to swing the bat and hit all the balls that come out, and prove to the kids in the city that you are a professional baseball player. Aim accurately and develop your batting skills. For each successful smash, you'll earn a specific number of points, but there's more to it than that. For added excitement and challenge, the game has a bonus area that you can target to earn even more points. However, you need to pay attention to the number of hits on the right corner of the screen. If you miss more and more, the number of balls will gradually decrease, and when the number of balls reaches 0, you will lose. So aim accurately and make successful shots. Good luck!


How To Play

Use a mouse to participate in this game.

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