Archery Training

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Archery Training

If you are a fan of the archery sport that requires precision and patience, then you should definitely try Archery Training. 

This engaging game will place you in the role of an aspiring archer, allowing you to embark on a journey to develop your skills as a master archer. Use a bow and arrow to test your accuracy. Try to hit the blue circles of the target to earn stars; the closer you are to the bull's eye, the more stars you will earn. Observe carefully, and choose the right moment to loosen your arrow. There will be 12 levels to pass. Remember the distance and shooting angle to make accurate shots at the center of the target. How many levels will you pass in this challenge? Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to shoot the bow and arrow at the target. The closer the arrow is to the center, the higher the score will be.

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