Badminton Brawl

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Badminton Brawl

Badminton Brawl is a challenging badminton game that requires rigorous skills and precise moves on the court in each encounter.

First, choose a character and choose a suitable game mode, then start the most intense matches. You will participate in badminton matches with your opponents. Your goal is to score as many goals on both sides of the field as possible before time runs out. Use your badminton skills to defeat your opponents. Don't give your opponent a chance to score points.

Your score will be calculated when the badminton ball falls into the opponent's court, making it impossible for the opponent to catch the ball. Each match will take place in five rounds. After 5 rounds of play, whoever wins in 3 rounds will win. Are you ready to become the winner in this challenging badminton game?

How To Play

Use the following keys to control the player in the game:

  • Press the A and D keys to move left and right.
  • Press the L key to play the ball.
  • Press the J key to bounce the ball.
  • Press the K key to hit the ball.

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