Baseball Hero

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Baseball Hero

Are you ready to challenge yourself by winning the Baseball Hero game? Choose a team, play a friendly match, or participate in a tournament!

In this exciting online baseball simulation, players can choose one of four fictional teams to compete in a friendly or a tournament match. The game offers you two different game modes; you can freely choose one of the two modes. In each turn, you will have three opportunities to hit the ball out. So try to hit as many baseballs as possible. Don't lose those three opportunities if you don't want the game to end. Be careful, because the pitcher has a few tricks up his sleeve. Occasionally, they will throw bombs at you! Be careful; if you hit a bomb, you will be blown away. Good luck avoiding all the incoming bombs and trying to become a baseball hero in this very game. Have fun!

How To Play

You just need to left-click to swing the bat and hit the balls thrown towards you.

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