Basket Clash

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Basket Clash

Welcome to the multiplayer rugby game Basket Clash. Where you can practice your rugby skills and compete with people around the world.

You will play the role of a baseball player with strong physical strength and professional skills, fighting alone against obstacles and opposing defenses to successfully bring the ball to the finish line. You have to run fast and overcome many different challenging stages to successfully get the ball to the finish line to complete each level in the game. Collect coins on your way to the finish line, and don't let the red-shirt defenders get in your way. Use the trampoline, jump, and throw the balloon to the finish line to get the highest score. How many levels will you pass in this game? Good luck!


How To Play

You just need to use the mouse to control the character in the game to move and collect coins to bring the ball to the finish line safely after each level.

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