Basketball Beans Game

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Basketball Beans Game

Basketball Beans Game is a multiplayer basketball game for all basketball enthusiasts to participate in basketball events and compete with other players.

Play as agile peas and participate in thrilling basketball competitions. Test your incredible reflexes, move from one side of the stage to the other, dodge opponents, run straight into the opposing team's court, and lead your team to victory by shooting the ball into the basket from the opponent's side of the field during the 1-minute countdown. Time is limited, so you and your team need to move quickly, dribble the ball towards the opponent's field, and then take advantage of the opportunity to launch accurate throws and score points. Don't give the opponent a chance to steal the ball from your hand. Defeat other opponents and prove your team is the strongest team in the match.


How To Play

You can use the mouse or WASD keys to control your pea character to move on the field.

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