Basketball Line

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Basketball Line

Basketball Line is a basketball game with very special gameplay that you have never seen before that will definitely attract you to play for many hours.

The game will be a great challenge that challenges your reflexes and basketball skills. Your goal is to draw paths for the ball to fly into the basket and score points. However, getting the ball into the hole is not easy. With each different level, the difficulty of the game will also be different. As the game difficulty increases, additional bombs will appear. You must carefully take advantage of opportunities and draw straight lines to guide the ball safely into the basket. Avoid touching the bombs; they will ruin your progress. If you make a single mistake, the game will be over, and you will have to start from the beginning! Be careful, and good luck!


How To Play

Use the mouse to draw straight lines to successfully guide the ball into the basket. Be careful to avoid exploding bombs. They will end the game.

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