Basketball Stars 1vs1

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Basketball Stars 1vs1

Basketball Stars 1vs1 is a dramatic basketball game for two players where you can compete your basketball skills head-to-head with strong opponents.

In this game, you can play with players from around the world and learn professional tricks and the subtleties of shooting the ball into the basket. You will compete directly with another opponent, and your goal is to shoot the ball into the basket and score more points than your opponent. You will take turns throwing the ball in your hand into the basket. For each successful result, you will score points. After completing your throws, Immediately after that, the opponent will make the next throw. At the end of two rounds, whoever scores more baskets will win and advance to the next round. In the following rounds, opponents will be stronger than in the previous rounds. So be careful and don't be subjective. Good luck!


How To Play

Use the mouse to control the direction and force of throwing the ball into the basket.

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