Basketball Swooshes

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Basketball Swooshes

It's time to join the Basketball Swooshes game, go head-to-head with professional opponents from many different countries, and win gloriously.

Choose a representative country for yourself and confidently enter the field, ready to compete with professional basketball players. You will compete directly in a very dramatic 1-on-1 format. Your goal is to aim accurately, adjusting the angles and trajectory of the ball to make the correct shots into the basket. For each successful throw, you will score 1 point. Try to score as many points before your opponent as possible. Each match will take place within a specified period of time. When the countdown ends, the person with the most points will win, and vice versa. Will you defeat your opponents and win the championship trophy this season? Good luck!


How To Play

You just need to move the mouse to adjust the ball's trajectory and then release the mouse to let the player make accurate throws into the basket.

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