Bernard Baseball

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Bernard Baseball

Bernard Baseball is a really fun sports game in which you play as Bernard the white bear and complete extremely difficult reflex challenges.

Bernard is a bear who loves baseball, and that's why he appears in this game. In this game, your goal is to control Bernard, trying to be the best while dodging balls and other objects falling on his head. Unlike other regular baseball games, instead of holding a bat and hitting the ball far away, in this game you will not hit the ball but avoid the rain of balls falling on your head. Many balls and other objects fall on you, and you will have to react quickly to avoid the balls falling on you. Don't let the balls hurt you, or your life will decrease over time. A red energy bar will appear in the top corner of the screen to display your life. good luck

How To Play

Use the left and right arrow keys to control the white bear to move left and right; try to dodge falling balls; and collect protective helmets.

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