Canoe Sprint

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Canoe Sprint

Canoe Sprint is an exciting and healthy sailing game, so it will be a very suitable sport for young people this summer. In this game, you will participate in a rowing competition with other competitors along the vast coastline. Your goal in this game is to speed up and get the first boat to the finish line to win each level. To win the race, you will pick up people who are swimming in the sea to speed up your boat. When you catch more people, your boat speed will increase a lot, increasing your chances of winning races. However, in addition to insufficient acceleration along the way, you will encounter other obstacles such as drifting logs in the sea, giant rocks jutting out of the water, etc. You will have to skillfully dodge them all. . all those obstacles to reach the finish line safely. Do not let the boat collide with the obstacles on the track, or you will lose. In the event of a collision, the number of people on your boat will decrease, which means the speed of the boat will slow down. So be smart, watch and dodge all obstacles safely. How many levels will you complete in the first game? Join now and show us your team's sailing prowess. I hope you're happy!

How To Play

To move, use the mouse or touchpad to pause and drag