CPL Tournament 2020

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CPL Tournament 2020

CPL Tournament 2020 is an exciting cricket sports game in which you will compete with many opponents from all over the world. The game will have two modes for you to choose from: single matches and cup series.

  • With single-match mode, you will choose your favorite country and compete alone. This mode is very suitable for those who are just starting to play and need time to practice. You can choose this mode for yourself.
  • With cup series mode, you will compete directly with an opponent from different countries. Whoever scores more points will win. This mode is very suitable for those who want to compete for prizes.
    Regardless of the mode, your goal is to use a stick in your hand and hit all the balls thrown. Your score will be higher when you hit the ball as high as possible.

Grab your bat and hit the ball to join the top cricket tournament. In addition, you can participate in some similar sports games, such as Cricket World Cup Game 2019 Mini Ground Cricke, Doodle Cricket,... Join now and prove your football skills today.

How To Play

Use the mouse to swing the ball.