Cricket 2020

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Cricket 2020

Get ready to show off your baseball hitting skills and show off some exciting cricket shots with the game called Cricket 2020. 

Wear protective gear, step onto the field with confidence, hold the bat firmly in your hand, and show off your baseball skills. Your goal is to take over the field and prevent any balls from hitting the field behind you. Take the opportunity to swing the club at the right time and make accurate shots. The higher and farther you try to hit the ball, the higher the score you will get. Timing is critical, as the height and position of the ball can change with each throw, requiring calculated force for each hit. Each successful shot will earn you points. You will have a total of six shots per round, and if you fail to hit the ball, the game will be over. Good luck!


How To Play

You just need to adjust the correct distance and click to control the player swinging the stick to hit the ball. The farther the ball flies, the higher the score you will score.

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