Devil Dash

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Devil Dash

Get ready to embark on a new challenge in a dramatic and thrilling underground world with the game Devil Dash, which requires top improvisation skills.

Joining the game, you will directly decode the puzzles behind mysterious doors in an underground prison. Each level will contain unique obstacles and traps that force players to overcome to advance further in the game. Your goal in the game is to predict the exact location of the traps to avoid them and complete each different level in the game. Jump high over holes and barriers that appear suddenly. To do that, the player must focus intently on the screen and ignore any subjective signs of a flat road ahead, because traps will appear as you approach the gate. Be alert to the unexpected happening around you. good luck!

How To Play

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, press the up arrow key to jump over holes and traps that appear suddenly.

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