Fanatical Basketball

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Fanatical Basketball

Fanatical Basketball is an extremely interesting basketball game that gives players the feeling of being immersed in surprising basketball situations.

The game is a way to test your basketball skills and sharp reflexes. Your goal in the game is to try to throw all the balls into the basket within the allotted time. You will take turns throwing the balls into the basket. For each successful throw, you will score one point. The automatic basketball player system will calculate points after each shot for you. You just need to aim accurately at the angles and control the throwing force to successfully put the ball into the basket. Try to score as many points as possible. You need to have good physical strength, jumping ability, and speed to score as many points as possible. Set yourself an incredible score and practice your ultimate basketball skills. Have fun!

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How To Play

Hold down and drag the left mouse button to successfully throw the balls into the basket.