Flick Basketball

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Flick Basketball

Flick Basketball is a must-see basketball game where you shoot the ball endlessly, trying to score as many points as possible.

Get ready to practice your basketball skills with an automatic basketball shooting machine in the entertainment area. The object of the game is to reach the target score before time runs out. Pick the ball and flick it towards the hoop, trying to reach the goal within the time limit. For each successful throw, the player will score one point. However, your score will increase by 3 with each gorgeous throw. Aim carefully and release the button at the right time to throw the ball into the basket. The meter will continuously run. When the meter hits 0, the level will end, and your score will be calculated. If you achieve the required score, you can proceed to the next level. This new level has a higher scoring goal than the previous level. Now join the game and practice your basketball skills to become the most professional basketball player. Have fun!


How To Play

Aim accurately, then hold down the mouse to make precise throws into the basket.

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