Football Flick

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Football Flick

Football Flick is a highly engaging 2-player soccer game in which you will choose your country and participate in the World Cup qualifiers.

Get ready to immediately choose a representative country and start competing in the world's largest World Cup season. There are many players from different countries; they are very strong. So fight hard and win for yourself the prestigious trophy. The match will begin as soon as you have selected your country. On the field, there will be two players representing two teams. Around the stadium, there were many fans cheering along with lights and cheers. Therefore, try your best to defeat your opponents in each match. Each match will take place within a specified time. After the time runs out, the person who scores more goals into the opponent's net will win, and vice versa. Now catch the matches and win every competition. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to control the player's movement.

Press the F key to kick the ball.

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