Football Juggle

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Football Juggle

Football Juggle is a lively freestyle kicking game based on the beautiful game. Master juggling by performing as many tricks as possible with the ball. You may avoid dropping the ball by bouncing it on your foot. This is a must-play for football fans everywhere.

How To Play

It takes a special kind of skill to score a goal without being tackled and to advance the ball far into the opposing team's territory. Although your athletic prowess is undeniable, you should also demonstrate your other impressive qualities. In this game, you try to rack up as many points as you can by completing various challenges. Control the football player's feet with the mouse and see how long you can keep the ball in play by kicking and juggling it. The game is over, though, if the ball touches the floor. Your score will increase proportionally to the number of times you hit the ball. Icons representing various body sections are displayed on both sides of the display. You can use any part of your body, including your feet, to strike the ball. There are nine unique moves you can pull off while playing. The audience will grow with each triumphant show. For each trick, you'll need to use a unique series of blows. Wait until the ball is at the same height as your body parts before swinging at it. The body icons that can be used in a combo will be highlighted as soon as a ball is hit.

Football Juggle was created by 2Play. Basketball and football are just two of the many arcade sports games available.