Halloween Head Soccer

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Halloween Head Soccer

Halloween Head Soccer is a fun soccer game with a Halloween theme in which you will transform into zombies and participate in fierce soccer matches.

Another Halloween season has come. Celebrate the holiday season by choosing your favorite Halloween character and starting to compete in football matches. The game has two player modes: one player and two players. You can consider and choose a suitable game mode for yourself. To start the match, you will first choose your favorite Halloween character and start the match. In front of you on the screen will appear a majestic competition field. Around the soccer field, there are many monsters to cheer for. You will compete against another opponent for a certain period of time. After the signal to start the match, both will rush forward to use their soccer skills to score goals against the opponent. After the end of the match, the person who scores more goals will win and vice versa. Try to beat your opponents and become the monster with the best soccer skills in the tournament. Good luck

How To Play

Single-player mode
Press the arrow keys to move.
Press the Z and X keys to automatically kick the ball.

Player 1:
Use the WASD keys to move.
Press the N and M keys to kick the ball.

Player 2:
Press the arrow keys to move.
Press keys 1 and 2 to kick the ball.

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