Head Sports Basketball

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Head Sports Basketball

Head Sports Basketball is a 2-player basketball game where you will play as famous players and participate in heated basketball matches.

To start the game, first choose the character and outfit for your favorite player, then get ready to start the competition. In front of you on the screen will appear a basketball court. Around the field, there are many spectators cheering. After the first signal, both people will rush to fight for a ball and find ways to score a goal on the opponent's side of the basket. Each match will take place within a certain period of time. After the time runs out, whoever scores more points will win and move on to the next round, and vice versa.

To win against your opponents, use the basketball skills you have learned to defeat them by scoring as many goals as possible. Good luck!

How To Play

Player 1: Use WASD keys to move

Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move.

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