Mr Archer

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Mr Archer

Mr Archer is an extremely fun archery game that challenges and tests your archery skills. In it, you will have to shoot archery to rescue a victim. You will transform into a super sniper with excellent archery skills, performing the noble task of rescuing victims from the door of death. Some of the victims were kidnapped, and the kidnappers hung them from a tree with a strong rope. You will have to use the bow and arrow to cut the rope and rescue the victim safely. You will have a total of 10 hits in each shot. After 10 rounds of shooting, if you still can't rescue the victim, your mission will fail. However, it does not stop there; each victim will have their own lifetime level marked with a blue energy bar. When the blue energy bar is gradually depleted, the victim will die, and your mission will fail quickly. So aim accurately and quickly to rescue the victim safely, and remember to stop hitting the victim, or you will also lose the game. Now let's start the rescue of the victims. Good luck

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How To Play

Hold and drag the left mouse button to aim, then release the left mouse button to perform archery.