Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 3

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Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 3

It's time to prove your professional basketball skills in Nickelodeon Basketball Stars 3. Play as Nickelodeon heroes and participate in wacky basketball games.

The game will race you into a realistic and fun basketball game with your favorite Nickelodeon characters. You will be able to choose one of your favorite cartoon characters and challenge other players to try to win the match. Collect the ball from the ground, get on the platform at the right time, jump on it, and make a spectacular smash in front of the admiration of the fans in the stands. Show off your top basketball skills, score goals, and make the audience cheer for you. Take advantage of the spring-loaded bounce mats that can make you jump and accurately throw the ball into the basket. The basket will constantly move back and forth. Therefore, you need to seize the opportunity at the right time and throw the ball accurately. Prove you are the king of the basketball court in this game. Have fun!


How To Play

Use the left and right arrow keys to move left and right.
Press the up arrow key to jump.
Press the spacebar to shoot the ball into the basket.

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