Olimpian Mahjong

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Olimpian Mahjong

Olimpian Mahjong is a sports-themed puzzle game in which you will find two pictures about a sport and make them disappear from the screen. This will be a way to help you practice logical thinking skills, reflexes, and hand-eye coordination. The game will have a lot of different levels. The difficulty of the game will increase with each stage. Try to find the same pictures and connect them to disappear, completing each level in the game. After you make all the images on the screen disappear, the system will move to the next level. The next levels will be more difficult and will have more images, which will make you confused and make it difficult to find the same images. So to win each level in this game, focus on observing and matching the exact same pictures. How many levels will you pass in this game? Join now and discover your limits. Good luck!

How To Play

Click to select two pictures about the same sport to make them disappear from the screen.