Pill Volley

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Pill Volley

Pill Volley is an incredibly fun 2-player volleyball sports game where you play as cute cartoon characters and compete in matches. The game has two player modes: one player mode and two player modes.

In one-player mode, you will compete with the robot. This mode is suitable for those who are beginners. You can participate in practicing volleyball skills with this mode.

In 2-player mode, you will compete with an opponent from different countries, or you can invite your friends to compete in this mode.

Regardless of the mode, your goal is to score as many points as possible on the opponent's side of the field before time runs out. After the match ends, the person with the higher score will win. Don't hesitate to join the game and become a champion in this volleyball sport. I hope you had fun.

How To Play

Player 1: Use arrow keys

Player 2: uses WASD keys