Punch Boxing Championship

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Punch Boxing Championship

Get ready to become the world boxing champion in Punch Boxing Championship. Unleash attacks and defeat all world heavyweight champion boxers

This is a 3D boxing simulation game with a variety of punches and three game modes to choose from, including quick match, tournament, and career mode. With very nice graphics, your goal is to destroy all opponents. Try to dodge their attacks and punch right back. Boxing is a great game where you have to think about how to get the better of your opponents. Step into the ring confidently and ready to defeat all opponents. Prove that you are the strongest boxer and become the champion in this boxing sport. Good luck!

How To Play

Use the following keys to control the game:

  • Press A or D to perform a diagonal punch.
  • Press W or Z to perform a shot from the top right.
  • Press the Y key to perform a shot from the top left.
  • Press E to hook right.
  • Press the T key to hook left.
  • Press the U key to perform a right-handed shot.
  • Press the I key to perform a backhand shot.
  • Press the D key to dodge the punch.
  • Press the S key to block the punch.

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