Rings Challenge

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Rings Challenge

Rings Challenge is an interesting sports game with four different themes that brings you extremely attractive and interesting sports challenges.

The game has four playing fields with four different themes: basketball, soccer, baseball, or tennis. With each different playground, there will be different ways to play. You can consider and choose a suitable playground for yourself. Or you can participate in experiencing four playgrounds with four different themes. Your challenge in this game is to touch the circles exactly at the moment the ball is passing. When the ball passes by, you must quickly touch the circle at the same time the ball passes. When the circle appears green, it means you have succeeded. If you touch it too early or too late, the bracelet will appear red, meaning you have failed. If you fail three times in a row, then the game will end and you will have to start the game again. Take the right opportunity and click on the correct circle to score points. Good luck.

How To Play

Use the left, right, and up arrow keys to make clicks on the circles.

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