Seesawball 2

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Seesawball 2

Seesawball 2 is one of the fun soccer games that combines soccer gameplay and puzzles, making it more attractive than ever.

In this game, instead of controlling the ball to roll into the goal, you will control the field in your direction to easily put the ball into the goal to score points. You will have two choices between red and blue players. After making your choice, goal posts will appear in front of you on both sides of the field, one of which is yours and the other is your opponent. Your goal is to score a goal into the opponent's goal post by rotating the soccer field so that the ball rolls into the opponent's goal. The ball will drop freely in the middle of the field at the beginning of the match. Your goal is to rotate the soccer field, trying to get the ball to roll into the opponent's net to score points. Overcome various opponents and go further in this fun game.

How To Play

You just need to left-click on the right and left of the goal posts to rotate the field in the direction you want. Try to score as many goals as possible.

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