Skater Kid

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Skater Kid

Skater Kid is a dynamic street skateboarding game that tests your skateboarding skills. Cross the urban landscape, avoiding various difficult obstacles.

Grab your skateboard and have fun in the city. Skateboard in town and test your skills with a skateboard to impress your friends. Cross the roads around the city, avoid many obstacles, and show off your top moves on a skateboard. Your goal is to cross the landscapes in the heart of the city, showing off your top flipping skills while safely avoiding obstacles on the way. Try to stay as long as possible on your skateboard. Show off your skills with a skateboard to impress your friends around the neighborhood. Make everyone admire your amazing skateboarding talent. Good luck!

How To Play

Perform your ultimate skateboarding stunts by using the left and right arrow keys to move left and right. Press the up arrow key to make the skateboard jump to avoid obstacles. Jump at the right time to perform tricks and avoid obstacles.

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