Slow Motion Baseball

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Slow Motion Baseball

Welcome to Slow Motion Baseball, a slow-paced baseball game that allows players to hit balls as accurately and as far as possible.

Unlike regular baseball games, in this game you will play baseball at a slower pace than in many other regular baseball games. The pitcher will throw the slowest balls toward you. Your goal is to wait for the opportunity and swing the club at the right time to hit the ball as far as possible on the turf. The ball will stay in the air for a long time as it flies towards you, which will give you the time you need to get ready for the perfect shot to knock it out of the stadium. You will have three lives in each turn. You need to hit as many balls as possible, and the farther you hit, the more points you get. Catch the ball and smash it out of the arena, setting an amazing record. Let's practice baseball skills today.


How To Play

You just need to choose the right time, then left-click to swing the stick and send the ball flying out of the field. Try to hit the ball as far as possible.

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