Street Cricket

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Street Cricket

Street Cricket is a fun street cricket sport where you can play ball with your friends on the busy street where you live. In this game, you will play the role of a boy holding a stick and standing in front of three sticks. Your goal in each level is to hit the ball and score the required number of points in each level. Try not to let your opponent park three sticks behind where you stand, otherwise you will lose. In each level, a certain number of hits and points will be assigned. If at the end of the throw you do not score the required number of points, you will lose. Therefore, to win competitions, you must focus on taking advantage of opportunities and swing the club to hit accurate shots. The farther the ball goes, the higher your score will be. To achieve strong hitting power to make the ball fly farther, you will adjust your hitting power through the energy bar in the left corner of the screen. Attack power becomes stronger when the energy bar is full, and attack power gradually decreases when the energy bar is selected at a low level. Therefore, controlling attack power is very important because it determines the outcome of the match. Well, if you know the rules of the game then hold the stick firmly and win. Good luck!

How To Play

Left-click to control the power bar and swing the ball.