Super Slugger Baseball

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Super Slugger Baseball

Super Slugger Baseball is a baseball game with fun cartoon characters, play as a goldfish baseball player and participate in exciting competitions.

In front of you on the screen, there will be a baseball competition organized specifically for fish in the sea. In this game, the cute goldfish not only knows how to swim but also knows how to play baseball. Your goal in the game is to control a goldfish so that you can compete with your opponents and hit as many home runs as possible before scoring 10 points. Any hit that does not result in a home run is out. All of the balls you hit earn you points. For each successful shot, you will receive 50 points. As soon as you hit some objects beyond the fence, you will earn bonus points. Enter the competition field and help the goldfish win. Have fun!

How To Play

Before participating in the game, detailed instructions on how to control the characters will appear on the game screen. You just need to follow the instructions and join the game quickly.

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