The Champions 4 - World Domination

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The Champions 4 - World Domination

The Champions 4 - World Domination is the ultimate 3D football simulation game where you create your own team and lead it, trying to defeat many other teams.

It's time to prove your team's talent and dominate the soccer world by winning the World Cup with your soccer team. Lead your champions to world dominance by winning 29 championship matches and winning the World Cup. To start the match, select the team and players you want to play, then get ready to start the match on the field. Each team will have six players, including one goalkeeper. Immediately after the signal to start the match, both teams will rush to compete for a ball and try to win it from the opponent, making accurate passes to put the ball into the opponent's goal. Your objective is to score as many goals into your opponent's net as possible. Lead your team and create beautiful passes, then score convincing goals. Good luck!

How To Play

You can use the WASD keys or arrow keys to move.

Press X or N to overcome opponents.

Press C or M to kick the ball.

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