The Simpsons: Kick Ass Homer

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The Simpsons: Kick Ass Homer

The Simpsons: Kick Ass Homer is a unique baseball game in which players perform a series of baseball shots to send the ball as far as possible.

It's time to help the game character release his rage by swinging the stick in his hand and hitting the ball as far as possible, collecting money and items on the playing field. Put all your effort into calculating the trajectory of the ball to hit it hard and shoot Homer as far as possible. Keep a cool head and stay alert to create Homer shots that fly as far as possible. With each success, you will receive money, and later on you will be able to buy some cool stuff in the store to send Homer further and earn even more money. Can you hit the ball the farthest? Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse and manipulate the function keys on the screen to control the game.

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