Wrestle Bros

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Wrestle Bros

Wrestle Bros is an extremely intense wrestling knockout sports game between professional wrestlers from different countries. In this game, you will play as an athlete participating in a large-scale wrestling competition. In a match, there will be two athletes competing in the arena. At the signal to start the match, both will launch punches and special techniques to bring down the opponent.

To defeat the opponent as quickly as possible, you should launch punches at his head and face. Key hits to the weak parts of the opponent's body will help you win the absolute score. Pay attention to your energy bar. If your mana bar is depleted while fighting an opponent, your chances of winning are very low. So pay attention to your energy bar, keep your strength, and take advantage of the right opportunity to make a decisive attack to defeat the opponent quickly. Now join this exciting game and show us your strength through each match in the arena.

How To Play

Single-player mode:
Use the arrow keys to move.
Press SPACEBAR for action.

2-player mode
Player 1:
Use WASD keys to move.
Press the G key to unleash shots.

Player 2:
Use the up, down, left, and right arrow keys to move
Press the L key to unleash punches.