American Football Kicks

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American Football Kicks

Get ready to practice your football skills in American Football Kicks. This is a game that challenges your scoring skills.

In this game, you will participate in a practice session for the sport of rugby. Your goal in this game is to score as many goals as possible. For each successful shot of the ball into the goal, you will score a certain number of points. If you want to score the highest score, aim accurately and shoot the ball into the center of the goal. Don't let the ball fly out of the goal more than five times, or the game will end. Try to adjust the angle and direction of the kick to shoot the ball accurately at the target. How many points will you score with this free kick challenge? Participate and leave a comment to let us know the highest score you achieved! Good luck

How To Play

Use the mouse to adjust the direction and force of the player's kick.

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