Asian Cup Soccer

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Asian Cup Soccer

Get ready to participate in an epic soccer tournament in Asian Cup Soccer. Play as a talented player and defeat other teams to win a glorious victory.

The game brings you a world-class soccer tournament. It allows you to choose elite players from many different countries to participate in dramatic matches. In this game, you will participate in the match as a striker and a goalkeeper at the same time. These two player positions will be rotated. Your goals for each position you undertake will be different.

If you are a striker, your goal is to score a goal into the opponent's net. Take advantage of opportunities and make accurate scoring plays.
If you are a goalkeeper, you need to predict the correct direction the ball will come from and try to successfully block the ball. Don't let the opponent have a chance to score a goal.

Have you grasped the gameplay yet? If it's clear, start the game now. Good luck!


How To Play

You just need to use the mouse to control the function keys on the screen.

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