Copa America 2021

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Copa America 2021

Copa America 2021 is a large-scale football game that requires players to participate in major matches held in America.

Choose your favorite team to participate in major tournaments and bring victory to your team. In this game, you will participate in two positions at the same time: striker and goalkeeper. These two positions will change alternately.

As a striker, you will participate in kicking the ball into the opponent's goal while shielding and protecting the goal from your team's players. Your goal as a striker is to score as many goals as possible.

As a goalkeeper, you need to focus on predicting the direction in which the ball will be kicked by the opponent and successfully blocking the ball, preventing the opponent from scoring.

Can you do both of these positions well? Join now and prove you are a multi-talented player in this exciting soccer game right away. Wish you fun!


How To Play

You just need to use the mouse to control the player in the game.

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