Baseball Fury

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Baseball Fury

Baseball Fury is a uniquely addictive sports game of strategy and quick reflexes that immerses players in dramatic baseball matches.

Play as one of the fun pixel baseball players and get ready to beat any opponent. You will participate in the match as a player holding a stick and hitting the ball. Your goal is to hit all the balls that are thrown and try to hit them as far as possible. The farther the ball flies, the higher your score will be. You will find yourself on a remote island in a tropical archipelago. You will compete and win for your team by hitting the ball as far as possible. To get high scores, pay attention to swing speed and precise moves. Predict the correct direction of the ball to swing the club to hit the ball accurately and fly as far as possible. Can you beat a lot of other opponents and set a spectacular score?

How To Play

Move the mouse to control the character's swinging the bat and hitting the ball.

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