Baseball Mania

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Baseball Mania

Baseball Mania is a fun baseball game where players take on the role of a professional baseball hitter, trying to hit as many balls as possible.

Be ready to hold the stick firmly in your hand and block all the balls thrown by your opponent. You will participate in the game as a baseball player. You will start as a batsman. You will have a total of 10 hits. Your opponent will take turns throwing 10 balls at you. Your goal is to get the timing right, swing the bat, and block the balls thrown by your opponents. Try to hit the ball as high as possible. Your score will be higher the farther the ball flies. So stay focused and shoot accurately to beat your opponents on the field. A lot of spectators came to cheer for you. Try to bring victory to your team. Good luck.


How To Play

Click to make precise shots. Wait for the opportunity and make accurate shots. Bring victory to your team

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