Basket & Ball

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Basket & Ball

Get ready to enjoy the sport of basketball like no other in Basket & Ball, a game with an extremely interesting combination of sports and puzzle genres.

Join the game and test your throwing skills and solve physics puzzles at every level. Your job is to shoot the basketball and score points through various physics puzzles. This game is not just your usual dribble and shoot scenario; it is a brain-training exercise. You will have to control an angry basketball through dangerous obstacles scattered on the field and solve puzzles to achieve victory! Avoid spikes and flames, extinguish flames in water, push the ball using springs and trampolines, and run away from police robots equipped with tasers. Put the ball into the basket, successfully completing each level in the game. Try to score as many points as possible. Good luck.

How To Play

Use the arrow keys to control the ball's movement, and press the spacebar to jump off obstacles.

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