Basketball FRV

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Basketball FRV

Basketball FRV is a very simple basketball shooting game that can be played on any participating device to practice your basketball shooting skills.

The game will have no time limit, but moving the basket is a big challenge for you. Your goal is to score a basket using a finger or mouse swipe. Each consecutive basket is worth more points. If you miss one, your streak is over. With each successful level, you will receive a valuable gift that will help you easily win the next level. Aim at the right target and successfully shoot the ball into the basket. Any mistake will cost you the game. Be careful with each shot, or you will lose in the rankings. On the leaderboard, beat other players with skill and a high score. Show us if you can try to get to the top of the leaderboard. Good luck!

How To Play

If you're playing on the computer, use a mouse.

Tap the screen if playing on a mobile or tablet.

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