Basketball Star

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Basketball Star

Basketball Star is a dynamic multiplayer basketball game where you can play as professional basketball players and experience thrilling basketball competition.

Start the game by controlling your basketball team to compete with powerful teams from all over the world. In front of you will appear a majestic basketball playground. Your opponent will be a team of three people ready to face your team. Both teams will begin the competition after the starting signal. Your goal is to control the football team to score goals and baskets before time runs out and defeat your opponents. Each team will have three people who will compete in basketball on the court. Try to grab the ball and score points when you successfully throw the ball into the basket. For each successful throw, your team will score one point. The match will continue to pass as the time gradually returns to 0. After the time runs out, the team with the higher score will win and advance straight to the next round. Can your basketball team advance into the tournament and get their hands on the championship trophy? Good luck!

How To Play

Use the mouse to control the players in the game to move and score points in the basket.

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