Battle Soccer Arena

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Battle Soccer Arena

Battle Soccer Arena is an extremely beautiful soccer game where you can compete with strong teams from all over the world. In this game, you will choose a football team representing a country and participate in the competition. Each team will have three people distinguished by different shirt colors. After the starting signal, both teams will pass the ball frantically and try to score into the opponent's net. Each match will take place within a certain period of time. After time runs out, the team that scores more goals will win. In addition, a special feature of this game is that on the football field there will constantly appear balls that will freeze the opponent. If you or your opponent collide with those balls, you will be frozen for a period of time. So be careful, observe and try to score as many goals into the opponent's net as possible. Don't give your opponent a chance to win. Be the best team in the matches.

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How To Play

Use the arrow keys to control the player moving the ball.

Press the spacebar to kick the ball.