Boxing Fighter

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Boxing Fighter

Get ready to swing your fists and knock out your opponents in the ring in the Boxing Fighter game. With the most realistic and engaging gameplay ever.

With this game, you will truly feel the fierce battles in the ring. You will directly play the role of a professional boxer and be ready to defeat your opponent in the ring. Put on boxing gloves and step into the fighting ring like a real boxer. Controlling the actions of the boxer, you will have to attack the body and head of the enemy, as well as dodge his attacks. Your goal is to defeat your opponent with dangerous, fatal blows that leave the opponent lying on the field with no resistance left. Don't give your opponents a chance to attack you. When competing, pay attention to the energy bar at the top of the screen. If your energy bar is depleted, your opponent will easily defeat you. Good luck!


How To Play

Follow the instructions on the game screen to control the boxer to defeat his opponents in the ring.

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