Champion Soccer

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Champion Soccer

Champion Soccer is a fast-paced but equally attractive soccer game in which you will compete directly with the strongest soccer teams in the world.

First, choose your favorite national team and start the match against your opponents! Each match on the field will have six players representing two teams, with three players each and no goalkeeper. Both teams will be on the field and ready to compete. After the referee's starting signal, both teams will pass the ball and try their best to score goals on the opponent's field. The special point in this game is that you can launch bombs to freeze your opponent's movement for 1 minute. Observe everything around you and use the time-stop bombs properly. Because the match takes place without a goalkeeper, during the match, in addition to attacking and scoring goals, your team also needs to be very careful to protect the goal to prevent attacks from opponents. Try to score as many goals as possible before time runs out and defeat your opponents. Good luck!

How To Play

Use WASD keys to control players on the field.

Use the mouse to set off bombs that freeze opponents.

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