Europe Soccer Cup 2021

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Europe Soccer Cup 2021

Choose your favorite country and participate in major football tournaments in Europe Soccer Cup 2021. The game offers intense matches.

Get ready to compete and win the championship cup for your team. To start the first match, you will choose a favorite country to represent and participate in matches from the qualifying group stage to the final round. After selecting the country in front of you on the screen, a field will appear, and each team will have eight members, including the goalkeeper. Each side will start in one half of the field. After the starting signal, you will control your players to take turns passing the ball to the opponent's field, set up an accurate pass, and have an active plan to quickly score a goal into the opponent's net. Each side will have a maximum of three turns to control members of the team. The match will take place within a specified period of time. At the end of the match, the team with more goals will win and get a ticket to the next round, and vice versa. In how many rounds will you and your team win? Will your shine reach the championship cup? It's a complete unknown. Join today and decode the mystery to find the winning team! Good luck

How To Play

Use the mouse to control the movement of team members.

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