Curvy Punch 3D

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Curvy Punch 3D

Get ready for the fierce final battle in Curvy Punch 3D game, where players will enjoy the most intense arena fighting ever, you will definitely love this game.

In this game you will participate in one of the fierce competitions in the stands. Where you will have to declare yourself the winner in a tough battle. Play as one of the strongest stickman fighters and compete on the field as a professional boxer. Look around and try to strike much faster than your opponent. Try to defeat your opponent with dangerous attacks. Imagine you are a stickman with elastic arms that can throw the strongest punches, from great distances to defeat your opponent in a duel. Win battles to earn coins and use them to upgrade your life points or elasticity to become unstoppable. Good luck!


How To Play

Use WASD keys to move

Left-click to control the stickman fighter to throw punches.

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