Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

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Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers

Funny Ragdoll Wrestlers is an engaging boxing game for two players with engaging gameplay that engages players in humorous ragdoll battles.

In this game, you will control a ragdoll to throw punches at your opponent to win the match. You will compete against another opponent in the ring. There are many fans coming to cheer for you. Don't disappoint them. Play well and defeat your opponents, making the crowd cheer for you. Put on your boxing gloves and win five rounds to defeat your opponent and win yourself a glorious victory. In addition, you can participate in card competitions in the ring with your friends in 2-player mode. Compete with each other through each match and find the strongest person. Good luck!


How To Play

Player 1:

Press the W and S keys to move forward and backward.
Press the A and D keys to throw left and right punches.
Press the E key to head

Player 2:

Use the up and down arrow keys to move forward and backward.
Press the left and right arrow keys to throw punches.
Press the Shift key to head.

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